Erik Villafane, best known as DJ Squeak, “Mr. I Like That,” was born and raised in the Southside of Providence RI. At the young age of 11 with a passion for music he set his interest in deejaying. By 16 he was ‘rocking the crowd’ at 21+ events across the North East, United States, From R.I. NJ, NY, AND CT. 

 This is definitely no hobby to him. Creativity with his blends, mash ups, and remixing has led him to have his remixes played on radio stations across the US such as but not limited to; Power 95.3 (Orlando), Kq103 (Orlando) and HOT97 (NY) HOT 106 (RI).  His latest and hottest remix with Trey Songz “NaNa” has been playing across the US in heavy rotation on the air waves.  Thus earning an affiliation with the internationally known Dj Green Latern’s Crew; “Team Invasion”. This isn’t all Dj Squeak has been in Dj battles that has earn him Numerous wins including his most recognizable one ‘Move the Crowd’ competition. He was recently in The Kq 103 Latin Radio Station Competition called The KQ DJ Project which he also DJ’s on Kq 103.1 Radio Station in Orlando Florida Frequently. He has deejayed at large venues and other major clubs such as but not limited to House of Blues (Orlando), Central Florida FairGrounds, in November 2013 Dj Squeak featured on the syndicated morning show “The Daily Buzz”, and just hours after asked to feature on “AL DIA”.

  Dj Squeak is also known for his upfront, and “always truthful” approach when it comes to music, so much so that his inbox is FULL of Artists, Djs, and up and coming Producers, asking for his judgment on their work. The fact that he is a tough critic when it comes to judging music and remixes, earns him the respect of a lot of local talent in Central Florida.

  When it comes to his personal remixes, Dj Squeak is know to be a perfectionist who will work hours on in to make sure his product is just right, and when it’s final he gives it the “I Like That!” stamp, making it official.                                             It’s been 17 years since he fell in love with Deejaying and he still continues to rock the crowd and spread the knowledge and the music that comes along with being a DJ.